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Making Under the Rainbow

As I stood by Under the Rainbow at the Houston International Quilt Festival, I was surprised when people asked if I'd taken a photograph of coral and manipulated it. Not so! Here's what I did.

I scanned two tiny fragments of tempera paintings, about 1"x2", into my computer.  Here are the scans


When I layered them in Photoshop using the "Difference" layer style the image looked like this

I then went through over 30 iterations (or at least saved files) of manipulating the image - this included modifying the color (hue/saturation) and adding additional layers . Sometimes I can tell by the name of the saved file what steps I took, other times I make so many changes between saves that I loose track. Here are some additional intermediate steps


and eventually I ended up with this


This image was printed on five fabric panels on my Epson Photo 2200 printer.

Numerous fabrics were auditioned for the border, but none was just right. As a result I custom dyed borders to extend the background colors outward.


Making Under the Rainbow continued ...

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